Our firm can assist you with bookkeeping services. There have been many instances when a client’s bookkeeper has left their company and our firm has come in and served as a temporary bookkeeper for our clients to bridge the gap until a new full time employee has been hired. It is important to have your books and records current and accurate. Our firm can assist you in this process on a temporary or permanent basis depending on your needs.

Quickbooks Consulting
Our firm can set up and install Quickbooks for your business on a stand alone computer or in a network environment. We will set up your chart of accounts and make sure that beginning balances are correct. We also offer a variety of Quickbooks training for you and your employees on this computer program. Although this program is designed for a novice, the initial installation must be done correctly.

Financial Projections & Forecasts
Our firm offers a la carte services for entrepreneurs who may only need our financial projections. You may already have a business plan or are writing it on your own. Our industry-leading financial models can be built for any business in any industry whether for a business plan or for financing needs.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Whether you are buying, selling or planning to merge with another business, DTWC can offer you our knowledge when it comes to how to structure the most beneficial type of deal with the other party. We will perform due diligence procedures to determine a fair outcome for your transaction. Our expert analysis will assist you in making the right decision in order to insure success after the Merger, Sale or Acqusition has occurred.

Finance & Debt Consulting
In today’s environment one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is getting the proper financing for their business. When contemplating a loan package, we can assist you I developing a strategy that will allow you to borrow the maximum amount and at the same time lowering the costs associated with the loan application. Our extensive background in Finance will benefit you when utilizing our expertise in this area.

Business Formations/Incorporating Services
LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. It is a newer business entity type, and it has fast become the preference among many new small business owners. LLCs were designed to offer the personal asset protection of Corporations, and with fewer initial and on-going requirements. For example, LLCs generally do not have to keep detailed meeting minutes, or even hold formal meetings at all.

Corporations have been around for hundreds of years, so the paperwork to form and maintain them can sometimes seem archaic. But if you plan to “go-public” soon (for example, to make a public offering of your company’s shares on the New York Stock Exchange), this is the only business entity type that can do it.

An S-Corporation is a special type of Corporation that avoids the “double taxation” that normal Corporations are subject to. Specifically, the IRS does not tax the business on its revenues. Instead, the owners pay taxes on the business’s profits on their personal tax returns.

Succession Planning
The transition of a family business between a founding owner to second generation family members fail more than they succeed. This is mainly due to estate taxes or family friction. Developing a well designed succession plan is essential for survival of a family owned business. Our firm can help you develop such a succession plan while considering minimizing the estate and income tax burdens.